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Ambit Energy’s Extreme Weather Guide

Posted by: Javier Vilchis | 02/02/2022 at 10:52 AM

Extreme weather can strike anytime, anywhere. Because your safety is our highest priority, we’re sharing these tips from the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and other resources to help you be prepared. Power Outage information available here.

  • Track the weather. Conditions change rapidly and can change in an instant.
  • Be prepared. Extreme weather can result in shortages. Be ready.
    • Have a three-day supply of nonperishable food and water available for you, family members and pets. You’ll also want to have a first aid kit and other necessary items, including masks or face coverings.
    • Develop a family evacuation plan. Heed all evacuation warnings. If anyone you know has special needs in case of evacuation, contact your local evacuation office.
    • Make sure you have plenty of batteries, flashlights, LED candles and a battery powered radio.
    • Register you cell phone with your local utility company and make sure your contact information is correct so you can receive updates. Follow your electricity company on social media for real-time information.
    • Keep your cell phone and other battery-powered devices charged and available.
    • Read EEI’s tips to prepare for power outages.
  • During Extreme Weather. First and foremost, stay indoors. Here are some other tips.
    • Tune into local newscasts for updates.
    • Preserve your mobile phone battery by switching to airplane mode. Charge it using your laptop or car if your power source runs low.
    • Text, don’t call. SMS messages are more likely to go through during an emergency.
    • Keep freezer and refrigerator doors closed to preserve food.
  • After the Storm. The storm may be over, but the danger isn’t. Here’s how to stay safe.
    • Don’t return home until the authorities say it safe to do so.
    • Check on neighbors to make sure they’re okay, especially children and the elderly.
    • Avoid driving. If you must get out, avoid downed power lines and remember intersections without functioning lights are treated as four-way stops.
    • Let family and friends know your okay through social media. Leave cell and landline capacity free for emergency crews.
    • Don’t plug in electronics for at least 15 minutes after power is restored to avoid damage.

Remember, report power outages to your TDU. In Texas, you can also call 2-1-1. For more information on how you can be prepared before, during and after extreme weather, visit RedCross.org.

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