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Ambit Energy Reviews: Smart Power Strips

Posted by: Javier Vilchis | 05/20/2018 at 04:01 PM

Almost everyone uses a power strip at home for their electronic devices these days because the danger of a power surge is well known. But are the new “smart” power strips really useful or necessary? Experts say on average standby power consumption ranges from five to 10 percent of electricity usage in each household.

Because families have so many different electronic devices, it’s even more crucial to be mindful of energy consumption. Through smart power strips, you’ll be able to save energy and reduce vampire drain. Ambit Energy reviews the two best smart power strips for the home. But first, what exactly is a smart power strip?

About Smart Power Strips

A smart power strip, also known as an advanced power strip (APS), is different from your typical power strip. More than just a source of power, the smart power strip actually works to reduce energy use by turning off power to electronic products that go into standby mode. The APS has two basic components: outlets that can be controlled by being turned on and off and other outlets that are “always on” for devices that need continuous power. Advanced power strips are great for the home office or home entertainment space, where a handful of electronic devices need to be plugged in but may vary in power usage.

Types of Advanced Power Strips

There is a wide variety of smart power strips. A basic advanced power strip detects when devices have gone into standby mode and automatically stops power from going to those devices. A timer power strip turns off power once the set time is over. Motion sensor power strips depend on motion sensing technology to control the energy. If a person is not in the room, the smart power strip will shut off power. If a person enters the room, it will turn back on.

Another type of advanced power strip has a remote control option. The user has complete control over when to turn the power on and off. However, a drawback is that the user may forget to turn off the power strip, leading to unintended energy drain. Some advanced power strips also let you group similar electronic products together – specifically ones that are dependent on each other like TVs, DVD players, game consoles, and speakers. That way you’ll be able to turn off all similar devices at once and prevent energy loss.

Ambit Energy reviewed a number of smart power strips and considers these the top two:

Isole IDP-3050 Power Strip with Personal Sensor

The Isole IDP-3050 is highly recognized among advanced power strips. It’s not only a great energy saving product for the home, but can also be used in schools and offices. The smart power strip has eight outlets, and six of the outlets are controlled by the occupancy sensor. The sensor detects if there is a person nearby or in the room based on infrared energy. The advanced power strip will automatically turn off after it detects that there is no one in the room for a set period of time, which you can control. Another bonus is that the Isole IDP-3050 comes with surge protection, which includes a five-year warranty!

Belkin’s Conserve Switch Power Strip

The Belkin Conserve Switch power strip is a great, energy-efficient smart power strip that will work well in your home office. This advanced power strip also has a total of eight outlets, with six outlets that are auto-off outlets and two are always on for electronic devices like your routers or telephone. With just one click of a remote, you are able to save energy and prevent vampire energy drain. Using the wireless remote control you are able to turn off power to all your electronic devices. The remote control can work up to 60 feet away from the power strip through radio waves. And for your convenience, you can mount the remote control on the wall or keep it at your desk. This smart power strip also has a safety feature with a cover for protection and one-year limited warranty.

We hope that you are able to find the right smart power strip for your home and electronic devices! To save even more energy, get additional information on vampire electricity drain.

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